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  Model:  BROCII-1TPH

Process: sand filter + carbon filter + PP sediment filter + booster pump for 1st stage RO + 1st stage RO + booster pump for 2nd stage RO + 2nd stage RO

Capacity: 1,000 litres/hour, 25 deg.c
Input power: 5.25KW
RO membrane: ESPA4040  6PCS (2 stages)
Multi-stage pump: CDL4-160/3.0KW 1PC; CDL2-150/1.5KW  1PC
Pre-filter (sand filter): (diameter)450 x (length)1,650MM  2PCS
PP sediment filter: (diameter)90 x (length)1,000MM  3PCS
Booster pump: BLC70/0.75KW  1PC
Quartz sand: 250KG
Active carbon: 125KG 
Dimensions: main body 3,200x700x1,700MM

1) Automatically and manually wash RO membrane.
2) Manually wash RO memebrane with chemicals on machine.
3) Machine automatically stops when high water level of purified water, and runs when low level.
4) Multi-stage pumps protect the machine when lack of water.
5) Protection in such cases as no power, lower pressure, higher pressure, shot circuit, creepage, etc.
6) Large eletric current, creepage protect and so on.